Rekindle Romance A Hypnosis for Lovers Event

Imagine looking into the eyes of your beloved, and feeling once again the same intimacy and excitement which shone like bright fireworks in the past.

Remember the romance, tenderness, and the delight of being in your partner’s presence.

For some people, it seems romance, tenderness, and delight must inevitably decrease over time.

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I, however, think that romance ebbs and flows. If it ebbs and flows, then we have the opportunity to influence these romantic feelings by our actions, choices, and importantly by our path of discovery.

Hello, my name is Kevin O’Kane. As I’m

writing these words, I’ve been married 34 years.  There have been times, during our life

together, that were highly stressed. It wasespecially during these stressful times that romance waned. Fortunately, my wife and I are resilient, curious, and determined. To our mutual delight we have rekindled romance.

Since others have stressful lives as well, I can easily imagine that waning of romance is a common experience.

This is why I have created this three hour Rekindle Romance -  Hypnosis for Lovers event.

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Now you might be wondering, “Kevin, what’s your strategy for rekindling romance? And why hypnosis?”

Fair questions. I’m a certified hypnotist. With hypnosis we use the other than conscious (both subconscious and super-conscious) mind more effectively to get more of what we desire.

Watch the short video below. In it you’ll learn to learn the keys to success with hypnosis. I’ll also expose the myths about hypnosis.

We can do things with hypnosis to Rekindle Romance that just aren’t possible with the conscious mind.

  • Intentionally experience a profound sense of being loved and cherished
  • Release old memories, thoughts, behaviors, beliefs, and vows which hinder romance
  • Tap into and increase a sense of mutual appreciation, respect and honor
  • Experience yourself as a loving, romantic, energetic being, and learn to increase this energy

In case you’re wondering, “Can I actually heighten anticipation and increase pleasurable sexual responsiveness with hypnosis?” Well, why do you think I chose fireworks, and the subtitle “a Hypnosis for Lovers event? You certainly deserve this!

How many couples do you know that have settled into a sadly unsatisfying status quo? How many couples do you know that don’t have an effective strategy to rekindle romance?

That may be their experience. Yours can be pleasantly different, especially if you are willing to challenge the notion that romance must inevitably diminish over time.

This is your opportunity to discover a richly romantic future. I encourage you to buy the voucher, attend a three hour Rekindle Romance event and enjoy the fireworks.

Some people are influenced by the common Hollywood myths: that hypnosis is brain-washing or mind control, that they’ll get stuck in hypnosis, or that they’ll become a zombie. Please, these dramatic and exciting Hollywood myths of someone else controlling us are intended to sell tickets and advertising.  These purposefully created myths are obviously false.

Here is the exciting truth: with hypnosis you have more influence and control of your own life because you use your mind in new ways and more effectively. Imagine using your mind in effective new ways to actually rekindle romance. At the Rekindle Romance event, we not only imagine, we actually take steps to do this!

Recently while explaining this event to a business colleague, I asked, “Do you think your husband would attend a Rekindle Romance event with you as a fun activity for a date night?”

She replied, “That sounds interesting and exciting! My guy would do it!”
What a guy!
What a fortunate couple!

Do you deserve romance? Of course you do. Here’s another question, do you actually want to rekindle romance with your partner? If your answer is yes, then I encourage you to invest in a voucher, attend a Rekindle Romance event and experience fireworks once again!

Let me paraphrase Benjamin Franklin, “An investment in ourselves always pays the best dividends!”

In conclusion, let me mention that I was raised in a conservative home. Talking about romance in a public forum, about increasing delight in the intimate sexual experience, takes me out of my comfort zone. I’ve decided to leave that comfort zone. Because when romance and intimacy fade, then joy in life diminishes. And this does not need to happen!

It’s my hope that romance, tenderness, fondness, a sense of being cherished, will blossom for you. Consequently that you, your family, the country, indeed the world will benefit because of your rekindled romance and expressed love for one another. This is why I’ve stepped out of that comfort zone.

By the way, the Rekindle Romance events are usually held in hotel conference rooms. Consider reserving a room and experiencing your rekindled romance.


“There is no passion to be found in playing small — settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.”
~ Nelson Mandela

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